WISE is a member of INWES

WISE is proud to be an organizational member of the prestigious International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES), which is a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). As an organizational member, WISE will benefit from INWES in the following ways: Opportunities to participate in regional and international INWES activities Access to the Network for recruitment and promotion

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CEAI National Award for Excellence in Engineering

Ms. Sangeeta Wij, President WISE India, was awarded the CEAI National Award for Excellence in Engineering as a Woman Engineer for design of a Power Transformer Plant at Nellore, India.  

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3rd Dr. Rajammal P.Devdas Memorial Award

Prof.Vijaya khader, eminent academician, administrator & extension worker, out standing scientist was conferred 3rd Dr. Rajammal P.Devdas Memorial Award on 17th November, 2012 at Sri Venkateswra University during the 44th National Conference Organized by Nutrition Society of India on the topic “Current Trends in Food Security to meet National Nutritional Challenges”. The Award was given for her major Research work on SOCIO ECONOMIC

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